GFS presentation service

Students in 5th grade and above who are looking for material on a GFS topic or for a paper will receive professional help on an arranged date with research in library catalogs, online databases, as well as Internet searches.

Junge schaut zwischen Büchern hindurch

The GFS-Referate service can be taken at a personal research appointment at the Medienhaus am See.

The GFS-Referate pick-up service for papers and exam topics can still be used. In lieu of a review appointment at the Media House, the library staff will assemble subject-specific media packets to be picked up by appointment at the Media House by the Lake at the counter on the ground floor. Please remember to bring a container for the media.

The following form can be used to order media for a GFS presentation or an exam topic with a valid user ID.

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I. Termin

Für die Bearbeitung für einen Recherche-Termin oder die Abholung eines Medienpakets benötigen wir etwa eine Woche Vorlaufzeit.

II. Persönliche Daten

Your data will be treated confidentially and stored exclusively for the purpose of establishing contact. Please also note the link to our privacy policy at the bottom of this page.