Interlibrary loan

Books or magazines that are not available in Friedrichshafen can be ordered for you from other libraries. The prerequisite for an order is the possession of a valid customer card of the Medienhaus.

Requirements and fees

To place an order, you must be in possession of a valid customer card from the Medienhaus.

The fee for each ordered title is 3 Euro. Fees of the delivery libraries (for example, for extensive journal articles or foreign orders) may apply additionally. Please note that by sending an interlibrary loan order you enter into a legally binding obligation to pay the interlibrary loan fee and that you may not use the ordered copies for commercial purposes.

Experience shows that an interlibrary loan order takes seven days to four weeks to process.

The following cannot be ordered:

  • media that are available in any library in Friedrichshafen
  • Media that are available in bookstores at a price of up to 15 euros
  • Media that have been published in the current calendar year
  • Works of special value, or which are more than 100 years old
  • Loose-leaf collections
  • Novels and hobby literature
  • E-books
  • DIN standards


You can place an order in person at the Media House or by using the online form:

Loan periods

The loan period is usually four weeks. An extension is possible, depending on the requirements of the lending library, and must be requested at the Media Center or by e-mail before the end of the return period.


The supplying library specifies the user conditions, e.g. use only in the reading room or a ban on copying (this is not apparent to us before the order is placed). The Medienhaus am See is obliged to pass these restrictions on to you.


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